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Russia continues to provide lethal weapons, training, and command and control support to the separatists in Eastern Ukraine – US Mission to the OSCE

United States Mission to the OSCE published a report on April 30, 2015 in which was underlined the concern about violence in Eastern Ukraine, not seen since February.

US Mission to the OSCE informs that Russia-backed separatists have repeatedly denied monitors access to the eastern part of Shyrokyne in Eastern  Ukraine:

“Unfortunately, the SMM has also reported that Russia-backed separatists have repeatedly denied monitors access to the eastern part of Shyrokyne. The SMM reported April 28 that it obtained some access to parts of Shyrokyne that had previously been refused, but this access was limited and granted only after lengthy negotiations between the SMM and the separatists. We echo Deputy Chief Monitor Hug’s public statement in which he said that these access restrictions constitute an unacceptable interference with the SMM’s mandate.”

US Mission to the OSCE said that Russia continued to undermine the Minsk agreements by providing lethal weapons, training, and command and control support to the separatists in Eastern  Ukraine:

“Russia-backed separatists continue to thwart the operations of the SMM by denying access to areas where monitors are needed most. SMM UAVs have documented a buildup of forces in separatist-controlled areas, including the presence of tanks and other equipment in and around Donetsk, Shyrokyne, and other hotspots. The documentation provided by SMM UAVs confirms that Russia continues to undermine the Minsk agreements by supplying lethal weapons to the separatists. SMM reporting continues to register attacks launched by Russia-backed separatists into territory well beyond the ceasefire line. Russia also continues to provide training, and command and control support for separatists in eastern Ukraine,” states the report

In the report is said that Russia and Russia-backed terrorists must fully fulfill the Minsk agreements, provide the withdrawal of heavy weapons, stop violating the cease-fire:

“Russia and the separatists cannot ‘pick and choose’ portions of Minsk”

“While this is a positive step toward fulfillment of the Minsk agreements, we must remind Russia and the separatists it supports that they cannot pick and choose the portions of Minsk they wish to uphold. They cannot send representatives to the working groups to discuss political modalities while ignoring their other commitments, such as putting in place a genuine ceasefire and the verifiable withdrawal of heavy weapons.”

Actually Russia also must stop supporting the terrorists in Eastern Ukraine with equipment and training:

“Furthermore, Russia must halt the flow of fighters and equipment from Russia into Ukraine, and end the training of the separatists.”

“We call on Russia to allow thorough inspections of the so-called “humanitarian” convoys, which continue to enter Ukraine uninspected.”

It is very important to release Ukrainian hostages:

“Russia must also release all Ukrainian hostages held inside Russia, including Nadiya Savchenko and Oleg Sentsov.”

“Regarding Russian-occupied Crimea, we are troubled by continuing reports of harassment and interrogation of members of the Crimean Tatar community.”

“We are also very concerned by media reports that Euromaidan activist Alexander Kostenko has been tortured in a Sevastopol jail, where he has been held for over a year.”

In the report is underlined that Ukraine is  a sovereign state with its own territory and Russia must respect this fact:

“Fundamentally, Russia must cease its efforts to destabilize Ukraine and respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

“Russia must end its occupation of Crimea, which remains an integral part of Ukraine”


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