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Russia heavily militarizes Crimea, seeks to deploy nuclear weapons – Poroshenko

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko spoke at the ”Ukraine`s Battle for Freedom Continues” forum in Washington DC about Russia`s heavy militarization of the occupied Crimean peninsula and its plans to deploy nuclear weapons there as well, according to an UaPosition correspondent.
”There are systemic and large-scale violations of human rights in Crimea. International organizations signal these facts in their reports. The occupation regime targets everyone who shows dissent, especially Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars who support territorial integrity of Ukraine,” said Poroshenko.
According to the Ukrainian president, the Russian occupation regime has launched ”over 130 criminal cases against Crimean Tatars, including a case to ban their main organization – Mejlis.”
”21 Crimean Tatars have been kidnapped, 3 found dead, 9 are still missing. Over 20,000 Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars were forced to leave the peninsula,” Poroshenko said.
”Russia heavily militarizes Crimea. It seeks to deploy nuclear weapons there, too,” said the Ukrainian president.


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  1. Why can’t Poroshenko for while forget about Crimea and concentrate on reversing the shrinking GDP? It is only a successful Ukraine that can be attractive to native Crimean. A lesson in German history informs that for the German reunification to happen, West Germany excelled economically and became a natural magnate for the east Germans resulting into a peaceful reunion. This is a simple historical lesson and Poroshenko cannot claim to reinvent the wheel.Let him not be obsessed with what he cannot achieve and will not satisfy in any way the pledges he made to the Ukrainian voter.

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