Russia destroyed or captured more than 15% of grain warehouses in Ukraine, – US State Department

According to estimates by the non-governmental organization Conflict Observatory, which is funded by the US State Department, 15.7% of Ukrainian crop warehouses were damaged as a result of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Source: US Department of State

According to the Conflict Observatory, Russian forces held approximately 6.24 Million Tons of Ukrainian crop storage as of July 2022.

Additionally, warehouses that had a total capacity of 2.25 million tons were destroyed in territory under control by Ukraine and 0.82 million tonnes in territory under control by Russia. This is more than 5% of the pre-war crop storage volume in Ukraine.

“The report notes that intentional destruction of such facilities may constitute a war crime and a violation of the 1977 Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions of 1949; the United States calls for further investigation through appropriate mechanisms.”

The US State Department recalled that it was Russia’s actions that exacerbated the global food security crisis and led to a sharp rise in the price of wheat. But, at the same time, the “grain agreement” helped to stabilize the situation.

“But if the agricultural infrastructure within Ukraine continues to be damaged in the war, this progress on global food security will be endangered.”

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