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Russia brought criminal charges against its citizen for reposting video condemning Russia`s war against Ukraine

Russia`s Investigative Committee has brought criminal charges against Roman Grishin for merely reposting a video clip back in 2014, according to Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group.

The investigators claim that the clip, a biting attack on Russia`s excuses for its aggression against Ukraine, contains utterances that fall under Russia`s anti-extremism law, khpg.org reported Wednesday, December 28.

The report notes that the clip`s contents that may not be pleasing to Russian President Vladimir Putin, but this cannot justify ”extremism” charges. The Investigative Committee is also ignoring recent instructions from Russia`s Supreme Court aimed against criminal prosecutions for a mere reposting of material.

33-year-old Grishin, who works as a copy-editor in Kaluga, is not an activist in any way.  He assumes that the FSB`s unhealthy interest in his person arose from his trips to Ukraine where he has a friend with whom he has traveled around the country and the fact that he did not conceal his opposition to the Russian authorities` behaviour with respect to Ukraine.


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