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Resolution of regional council in Veneto (Italy) recognizes Crimea Russian territory

The motion was drafted by Stefano Valdegamberi, leader of the nationalist party Lega Nord, and submitted by a group of 25 deputies, with three leaders of the council`s largest factions among them.

The resolution aims to ”promote the establishment of a Committee against the anti-Russian sanctions for the recognition of the right to self-determination of Crimea and for the protection of the Veneto products, reads the report.

The motion is reported to have been passed in front of the Russian reporters present at the session hall for the occasion.

Even before the approval, the resolution threatened to turn into an international incident.Veneto is the first region in Europe that, along with North Korea, Zimbabwe and Syria, will line up alongside Vladimir Putin, having recognized the annexation of the peninsula on the Black Sea by Moscow.

”It is time to say enough to the sanctions – absurd, unjust and ineffective, said Valdegamberi, ”the sanctions to which Moscow reacted with an embargo which is causing serious damage to the economy of Veneto.” 

The Ukrainian Ambassador to Italy Yevhen Perelyhin earlier addressed the deputies of the Veneto council with an open letter calling for the assistance in the return of Crimea under Ukraine`s control.

Veneto`s council now is about to urge the Italian government to abandon the overall E.U. policy on Crimea, instead proposing to recognize the results of the so-called referendum in March 2014.

Corriere Della Sera has earlier published an article harshly criticizing the idea of the recognition of Crimea`s annexation.


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