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Rada approves amendments to law on National Security and Defense Council

Ukrainian MPs have adopted presidential amendments to bill No. 1343 introducing amendments to the law of Ukraine on the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine.
A total of 253 lawmakers supported the document at a parliament meeting on Thursday.
The head of the parliamentary committee on national security and defense, Serhiy Pashynsky, said at a committee meeting on Wednesday that parliamentarians had considered all amendments and set up a working group that worked out respective materials.
The bill is aimed at bringing the current legislation in the field of national security and defense into line with the Constitution of Ukraine, as well as improving legal support for the activity of the National Security and Defense Council.
The law expands the powers of the National Security and Defense Council. In particular, the article on the competence of the council was supplemented with a provision that in addition to the functions defined by this law, the National Security and Defense Council makes decisions on “urgent measures to resolve crisis situations that pose a threat to the national security of Ukraine.”
The NSDC will also receive the right to coordinate and monitor the activities of executive government agencies in the sphere of national security and defense, and submit respective conclusions and proposals to the head of state.
The council is also vested with coordinating and controlling the activity of the executive authorities in combating corruption, ensuring public safety and fighting crime.
The powers of the NSDC head also include the organization of the work of the general headquarters.
Under the law, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine is a legal entity.
The NSDC decisions enacted by Ukrainian presidential decrees are binding for implementation by executive government agencies.
As reported, on December 23, MPs failed to adopt at second reading the presidential amendments to the law on the National Security and Defense Council, which extends the council’s powers.

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