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Putin`s press secretary Dmitry Peskov pays secret visit to occupied Luhansk

On March 27, Vladimir Putin`s press secretary Dmitry Peskov has reportedly arrived on a secret visit to the militant stronghold of Luhansk, OstroV online news outlet reported citing its source in Ukrainian intelligence community.

The purpose of the visit has not been verified, OstroV writes.

One of the possible versions is a potential change in the leadership of the ”Luhansk People`s Republic” (LPR) terrorist organization.

Earlier, MP Dmytro Tymchuk, who is also a coordinator of Information Resistance community, said that the leaders of the so-called ”LPR” launched confidential discussions on the change of the ”top leadership of the republic.”

According to Tymchuk, this may be deemed the first step toward Russia recognizing the rogue ”republic” with the prospect of its further accession to the the Russian Federation.


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