‘Putin’s convoy’ not cleared because of terrorists – NSDC

The border and customs clearance of a “humanitarian convoy” from Russia has not yet started, because no agreement was reached with militants on safety guarantees for the movement of the humanitarian column.
Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) information and analytical center spokesman Andriy Lysenko said this at a briefing on Monday, Ukrinform reported.
“Due to the absence of any agreement between terrorist organizations and Red Cross representatives on safety guarantees for the convoy with humanitarian cargo border and customs clearance procedures were not carried out. Detailed inspection of the contents of the Russian humanitarian convoy has not started,” he said.
He said that on Sunday border guards prevented an attempt to bring part of the cargo into Ukraine.
“At 12.50, 16 white KamAZs, a fuel tanker and a bus allegedly from a humanitarian convoy arrived at the Donetsk checkpoint in Russia and parked near the checkpoint. Then from the side of Ukraine, in the eyes of Russian border guards, a group of fighters on eight cars and three buses drove up to Ukrainian representatives. Ukrainian border guards take up defensive positions to repel the attack. After negotiations with Russian border guards, the terrorists retreated deep into the territory of Ukraine,” Lysenko said.

18.08.2014 15:41

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