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Public-private cooperation to make Ukraine`s information policy proactive

Key speakers at the panel discussion on the new communication strategies revealed to Ukraine Today how Ukraine should informationally respond to the Russian hybrid war.

For the past 3 years, Russia`s been actively exploiting the means of a hybrid warfare to gain the lead not only at the front but also in the information field. Fake news, distorted facts, glorification of militant forces are just a few examples of how Russia uses information as a tool to confront Ukraine, Ukraine Today reports.

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Since the start of the Russian aggression in 2014, the matter of information security and the need to elaborate a concept of information security became one of the government`s priorities. However, the document is still at the stage of a draft version. Some of the main points have been revealed by a participant of the panel, advisor for Ukraine`s minister of information policy, Dmytro Zolotukhin.

”We started our work on the draft at the beginning of 2015. And it was a task of the coalition agreement of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for the Ministry of Information Policy. the Expert council which worked on it consists of about 15-20 different experts from the media, information, and national security fields. We presented the draft to the Ministry in September 2015. The Ministry had to make agreements with other ministries to be finally tuned by the government”, Dmytro Zolotukhin explained.

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Another speaker of the meeting is advocating for both private sector and state bodies to work together in order to have a common position on essential topics for the country. This new approach must eliminate the previous failure in counteracting Russian disinformation.

”I support the idea that representatives of the Information Policy Ministry, the Foreign Ministry, the National Security and Defense Council, specialized committees of parliament along with the heads of major Ukrainian TV channels and news agencies meet together to elaborate some basic rules of cooperation. Because what we see now is that state bodies may have more resources and capabilities but they lack flexibility with reaction. Non-governmental organizations have more coverage space comparing to insufficient information resources”, Yevhen Mahda, a political analyst, said.

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