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Pro-Ukrainian blogger arrested in militant-held Luhansk

Russian-backed militants arrested a pro-Ukrainian blogger Eduard Nedeliayev in the occupied city of Luhansk. He is allegedly accused of a cooperation with Ukrainian secret services and the Aidar battalion, Ukraine Today reported.

As the so-called ”Ministry of state security” of the non-recognized ”Luhansk people`s republic” claims, the man was posting extremist materials on social media, according to Ukraine Today.

Luhansk militants shared a video of his arrest and a search of his apartment. They found many radio-transmitting types of equipment and explained the fact with Nedeliayev`s subversive activities – he was allegedly using the revealed devices for spying and conveying data to Ukrainian secret services.

However, as Luhansk residents write on their social networks about reasons of the arrest, the blogger was showing ”the real life” in Luhansk and was not afraid to express his pro-Ukrainian position.


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