Poroshenko: Ukrainian air construction has good future

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Friday visited Ivchenko Machine-Building Design Bureau of Zaporizhzhia in the course of the working trip to this region and took part in the launch of a new AI-450 engine test bed, according to the official website of the President of Ukraine.
Poroshenko examined the enterprise and watched samples of various engines, the president`s press service reports.
The President congratulated aircraft constructors on the fact that Ukraine had entered the top-5 list of countries with full cycle aircraft production.
”People are the most valuable capital of this enterprise. They are its pride and glory,” Poroshenko addressed the staff of the enterprise noting that Ukraine is deservedly considered one of few countries in the world capable of producing modern aircrafts due to their hard work.
”The enterprise doesn`t stand still. It implements modern technologies and demonstrates positive economic and financial results,” Poroshenko said.
The Head of State noted a successful work of Ukroboronprom on the substitution of components previously supplied from Russia: ”We have elaborated an import substitution system and our constructors have fulfilled this task.”
According to the President, the volume of production at Ukroboronprom has been tripled, which means that thousands of jobs have been saved and new jobs have been created. Progress Design Bureau hasn`t lost any of its constructors as well.
Poroshenko emphasized that he would provide support for the Ukrainian manufacturers to enter new markets. ”Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing has a great future,” the President said adding that Ukrainian products had recently entered the market of Saudi Arabia and India.
Poroshenko also thanked the workers of the enterprise who had been defending the Homeland in Donbas. In two years, 29 workers became participants of hostilities.
”They have decently fulfilled their duty, demonstrated the highest morale, personal courage and patriotism. They deserved recognition and gratitude of the whole country,” the President noted.

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