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Poroshenko says over 120 Ukrainians held in militant captivity, about 800 MIA`s

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko reports that over 120 Ukrainians are still held in militant captivity in Donbas, while about 800 are listed as missing in action (MIA), according to an UINIAN correspondent.
”After months of negotiations, we still cannot get over 120 Ukrainians from captivity in Donbas,” he said at the forum titled ”Ukraine`s Battle for Freedom Continues” in Washington on Thursday.
In his words, the International Committee of the Red Cross is banned to visit them as well as to search for about 800 Ukrainians who are listed as MIA.
As UaPosition reported earlier, 125 Ukrainians were held captive by Russia`s proxies in Donbas as of March 16, 2016. Of them there were nine prisoners of conscience.


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