Poroshenko assures Poltorak’s appointment is not accidental

Appointment of Stepan Poltorak as Defense Minister, who previously headed the National Guard, is not accidental, since earlier he proved to be the best in different situations.
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stressed this when he introduced new head to the Defense Ministry personnel, a Ukrinform correspondent reports.
“This appointment is not accidental: I know Stepan Poltorak for more than 10 years. “Since that time, and at the post of the NSDC Secretary, we coordinated extremely important decisions in the history of our state. But over recent months, we worked side-by-side,” Poroshenko said.
On this background, the President reminded the effective storm of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, held by a special unit Yaguar of the National Guard, which “simply stopped turning of another region of Ukraine and creation of the so-called “KPR,” as well as ruined the plans of extremists for building Novorossia.”
In addition, the Head of state noted “an extremely high organization of logistics, international contacts,” demonstrated by Stepan Poltorak at the post of Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine.
According to Poroshenko, during his visits to the ATO area, he also could become convinced, while communicating with soldiers, that “Colonel-General Poltorak has deserved authority among military personnel – from a soldier and private to a general.”
“A great advance is issued now to the new Minister of Defense, he will face major challenges. I am convinced that he is able to adequately respond to these challenges. It is my firm belief,” he said.
He also expressed hope that Minister Poltorak will terminate “the history of kaleidoscopic changes of defense ministers,” when the fourth Defense Minister was appointed over recent seven months. He noted that in formation of the new government after the parliamentary elections, “if all goes well,” he plans to nominate Stepan Poltorak as Minister of Defense and a member of the new Cabinet.

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