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Poll shows more Ukrainians support NATO, dislike Russia

The number of Ukrainians who support their country becoming a member of NATO has increased while their feelings toward Russia are ”cold,” according to a new opinion poll, Radio Liberty has reported.

The survey showed that 43% of respondents would vote ”yes” in a referendum on Ukraine`s accession to NATO, up from 39% in a June poll, RFE/RL wrote.

Some 29% said they were against Kyiv joining the military alliance, with 17% saying they were undecided and 11% indicating they would not vote.

The survey also showed that 57% of Ukrainians describe themselves as having either ”cold” or ”very cold” feelings toward Russia.

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The poll – which was conducted by the Rating Group Ukraine on behalf of the U.S.-based International Republican Institute (IRI) and which received funding from the Canadian government – also showed dissatisfaction with the Ukrainian government`s handling of economic and corruption issues.

”This poll reinforces the trend of frustration among Ukrainian citizens that we`ve seen in previous polls, and indicates that the window of opportunity for the government to build public support is rapidly closing,” said Stephen Nix, IRI`s regional director for Eurasia.

The percentage of people in the poll who feel Ukraine is headed in the wrong direction remained at 72%.

Some 2,400 Ukrainians except for those living on the Russian-occupied Crimean Peninsula and in areas of the Donbas region under the control of Russia-backed separatists were involved in the survey, which was conducted between September 28 and October 7.

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