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Polish expert on foreigners in government: ‘There is an easier solution’

The possible appearance of foreigners in the Ukrainian government could be “exotics” uncommon for developed Western countries.
Polish expert and lecturer at Warsaw University Andrzej Szeptycki told this to Ukrinform’s correspondent in Poland.
“I think that at the level of constitutional government officials, such as ministers or deputy ministers, such appointments would seem exotic, as it’s not practiced in the West and it seems to be contradicting Ukrainian legislation,” the expert said.
However, he believes that a much easier solution that is often practiced in the West is the employment of people to the posts of advisors to prime ministers or individual ministers, or the formation of a group of advisors from among the foreigners.
Szeptycki said that technically the formation of a coalition of five parties could be complicated. In his opinion, Ukraine had to form a government from a smaller number of parties.
“The more parties in the coalition, the more difficult the government will function technically,” he said.

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