Petrenko guarantees criminal case to Putin

Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko is convinced that criminal proceedings will be instituted against President of Russia Vladimir Putin due to events in Ukraine.
He said in an interview to the Focus magazine.
“I am convinced that there will be a criminal case against Putin. This is my personal public position, even not as the Justice Minister. This case must be at international courts,” Ukrainska Pravda cites Petrenko.
The Minister reminded that Ukraine has already achieved some decisions in its favor in the European Court of Human Rights, in particular, on Russia’s obligation to withdraw its military contingent from Crimea and return children, earlier kidnapped from Ukraine.
Answering a remark that Russia ignores all these decisions, Petrenko noted that in the future, verdicts are expected which will have financial consequences.
“Decisions that provide for monetary compensations will be painful for Russia. Because it has assets abroad, which can be withdrawn in favor of Ukraine in those states, which joined respective conventions,” Petrenko explained.
According to him, the International Civil Aviation Organization may ban flights of Russian airlines, which will cost hundreds of millions dollars to the Russian private sector.
“So, their ostentatious indifference to sanctions is absolutely false,” the Minister said.
Recall, on Thursday, Putin admitted that Russia may withdraw from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights.
15.08.2014 16:29

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