People in European cities went to protest actions after Russian missile strikes on Ukraine

People in several European capitals took to the main squares to support the Ukrainians and condemn Russian missile strikes throughout Ukraine on October 10, 2022. Rallies took place in at least four Polish cities, while similar actions were announced in 14 cities in Germany.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Austria reported that more than a thousand people gathered in Vienna.


People took to the streets despite a heavy downpour in Lisbon, Portugal. The demonstrators carried Ukrainian flags and posters with slogans against the armed aggression of the Russian Federation, including “NATO, stop the Russian genocide in Ukraine.”



Actions were also held in London, the capital of Great Britain, in support of Kyiv in its defense against the Kremlin.

Rallies took place in at least four Polish cities. This video demonstrates the rally in support of Ukraine in the Polish city of Wroclaw.


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