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OSCE finds no cluster munitions in Donbas conflict zone

Spokesman for the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine Michael Bociurkiw has denied the use by Ukrainian military of cluster munitions, which was stated in a recent report by Human Rights Watch, Deutsche Welle has reported.
“We have about 90 observers in eastern Ukraine. If we saw something like that, we would have recorded it, but that has not currently been recorded. All we have to say about ammunition or shelling appears in our daily reports. By this time there was nothing in our reports about it,” Bociurkiw said.
In their daily reports, OSCE observers record all instances of shelling in Donbas. Observers immediately leave for the scene of the incident as soon as they are aware of it.
As reported, Human Rights Watch said that an employee of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Laurent DuPasquier, “was killed during the attack in which cluster munition rockets were used.” This report was not confirmed by the Red Cross. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, in turn, said that the Human Rights Watch report, in which the organization noted there was evidence regarding the alleged use by Ukrainian armed forces of cluster ammunition, had been staged by terrorists to discredit the Ukrainian army.

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