OpenDataBot says 72 Ukrainian companies ”disappear” from state register

Some 72 companies have disappeared from Ukraine`s Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations over the past year, according to OpenDataBot, the service for monitoring the data on Ukrainian companies` registration.

Each of those companies can be associated with raiding and money laundering, the service said.

OpenDataBot also specified that the data on each company being registered in Ukraine are included in a single national register. If a company is liquidated, its status in the register changes accordingly but such data are not supposed to be eliminated.

As an example, the service mentioned Ansi company that was involved in one of the raiding cases December last year. At the moment, no data on Ansi can be found in the register, the researchers say.

OpenDataBot has applied to Ukraine`s Justice Ministry with a request to clarify the company`s disappearance from the registry, promising to publish the agency`s response.

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