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One in four Ukrainians expects improvement in a year – survey

Almost one in four residents of Ukraine – 24.1% – expects drastic changes in the country in not earlier than a year, according to a survey conducted by Kyiv International Institute of Sociology at the request of ZN.UA.
One in five citizens of Ukraine – 21.5% – has lost faith that some order could be brought to the country.
According to 26.7% of respondents, it is hard to say when improvement can be expected in the country.
The country’s central and western regions reduced the degree of frustration – 11.4% and 12.1% respectively. The mood in the southeast is more pessimistic: 33.7% of Ukrainians do not believe in improvement in the country. The highest degree of frustration was recorded in Donetsk region – 40.5%.
Some 7.3% of Ukrainians are ready to wait for improvement for six more months. Most of these people are from Chernivtsi (18.5%) and Mykolaiv (15.4%), and the smallest number is from Kherson (4.9%), Zaporizhzhia (3.2%), Odesa (3.2%), Donetsk (2.3%) and Luhansk (0.7%).

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