Number of jobs in Ukraine decreased by 2.4 million due to war waged by Russia, – ILO

According to the estimates of the International Labour Organization, employment in Ukraine in 2022 will be 15.5% (2.4 million jobs) below the level of 2021 due to the war waged by Russia.

Source: The International Labour Organization (ILO)

“In addition to the terrible humanitarian cost, the war in Ukraine has had a dramatic negative impact on the country’s economy and labour market. The ILO estimates that employment in 2022 will be 15.5 per cent (2.4 million jobs) below the 2021, pre-conflict, level,” noted the ILO.

This forecast is more positive than the ILO’s assessment in April 2022. At that time, the loss of 4.8 million jobs was predicted. The positive change is a consequence of the decrease in the number of territories of Ukraine under Russian occupation or with active hostilities. However, this partial recovery of the labour market is modest and very fragile.

“The report estimates that 10.4 per cent of the country’s total pre-war workforce are now refugees in other countries. This group of 1.6 million is overwhelmingly women, with many having worked previously in the education, health and social care sectors,” emphasized the International Labour Organization.

According to the ILO, the consequences of the conflict are felt in the labour markets of neighboring countries, which can result in political destabilization and of the labour market in these countries.

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