Nothing and no one will undermine Ukraine’s unity, Poroshenko says

Nothing and no one will undermine the unity of Ukraine ever.
This has been emphasized by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in his congratulatory address to Ukrainians on the occasion of the Unity Day, posted on the Uriadovyi Kurier government’s newspaper website.
“Nothing and no one will ever be able to undermine our unity. With unity in mind, with indivisible Ukraine in heart, we forever will be the united Ukrainian political nation, where all the ethnic groups feel comfortable,” Poroshenko said.
“Nowadays, almost 100% of the citizens stand for the united country. The vast majority of Ukrainians see it as a unitary, not federal, state,” Ukraine’s president noted.
Poroshenko also reminded that during the last year, tens of thousands of soldiers, hundreds of thousands of volunteers, millions and millions of people rose up to defend the unity and territorial integrity. “Never before the Unity Day has been so significant, hard-won and well-deserved holiday, as it is today,” the President concluded.

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