Not Russian, but Norvegian gas pumped by Slovak reverse – Ukrtransgas

Gas, which comes to Ukraine from the Slovak reverse, is produced in Norway and is of high quality. As distinct from Russian, it does not contain nitrogen.
Head of the Ukrtransgas press service Maksym Biliavsky told a Ukrinform correspondent about this.
“Fuel, received from the Slovak reverse, is of high quality. Unlike Russian gas, it does not contain nitrogen, indicating that the neighbors are buying “reverse” gas in Norway, which extracts it from sea shelves,” the Spokesperson said, answering questions of the gas origin.
As for possible threats and diversions aimed at disruption of supplies, Biliavsky noted that even at “hot” regions, no attacks were fixed at the gas transportation system. At the same time, according to him, gas distribution pipelines are located in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The transnational pipeline is in Sumy region.
In case of attempts to hamper fulfillment of partner obligations by Ukraine, a transit country is able to quickly localize emergency sectors and eliminate the consequences of unauthorized interventions so that a consumer did not feel inconveniences. It was so, in particular, during sabotage at a pipeline in Poltava region.
“In this tense situation, the gas transportation enterprise pays a special attention also to security of gas stocks. During the heating period, underground gas storages fulfill a role of the fuel reserve of Europe: gas is supplied according to bids of consumers. Its considerable part is accumulated and stored in underground storages of Lviv region – very close to the Western border. Every day, up to 20 million cu m of gas is pumped there. The process does not stop, despite difficult relations with Gazprom,” Biliavsky said.

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