Norway will transfer 160 Hellfire missiles and night-vision devices to Ukraine

Norwegian Minister of Defense Bjorn Arild Gram said during the meeting with the defense ministers of some 40 countries in Ramstein on September 8, 2022, that Norway would transfer to Ukraine approximately 160 Hellfire missiles, launchers and guidance units, as well as night-vision devices from the Norwegian armed forces.

Source: Norwegian Minister of Defense Bjorn Arild Gram

“This is a weapon that Ukraine has asked for, and it will prove useful in their fight against Russian invasion forces. The missile is easy to operate, and can be used against both land and sea-targets.”

The Norwegian Armed Forces inspected and verified the condition of the missiles before they were sent. They have already been taken out of Norway. Norwegian instructors trained Ukrainian operators in the use of Hellfire.

The Hellfire system’s service life is coming to an end, it was planned to be phased out of the Norwegian armed forces.

Norway also handed over night-vision equipment to Ukraine. This includes both night vision glasses and binoculars. This equipment has been replaced with newer equipment by the Norwegian Armed Forces.

“So far, we and our allies have donated military systems and equipment from our own stocks. In the future we will need to cooperate closely with the defense industry in order to maintain necessary deliveries of military equipment to Ukraine. This will also ensure that Ukraine receives more modern and efficient equipment.”

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