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New Russian military base 100 km from Ukraine border ”almost ready” – Euronews

Russia is completing the construction of a large military base in the southern Rostov region, some 100 kilometres from the border with Ukraine, according to Euronews.

The base consisting of three military facilities is the latest in a chain of new military sites, part of what the Kremlin sees as an important counterpoint to NATO, Euronews reports.

Up to 10,000 service personnel are expected to be deployed at the site which will reportedly house a motorized rifle division.

Western observers have been nervous about recent increased Russian military movements and drills near the Ukrainian border over the summer.

Large numbers of troops and tanks have reportedly moved into several bases.

Some analysts see the permanent nature of the facilities being built as evidence that Russia`s long-term plan is to keep Ukraine in check – but with the ability to respond quickly if necessary.

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