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New Russia sanctions weighed in U.S. Senate over Moscow`s support for Assad

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Friday indicated a willingness to work with Democrats toward drafting new sanctions targeting Russia in response to Moscow`s unwavering support for Syrian President Bashar Assad, according to The Washington Times.

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While Russia is already subject to an array of sanctions imposed by the U.S. government, the Senate`s top lawmaker on Friday said its defense of the Assad regime could warrant further penalties, WT reports.

”If [the administration] feel they need additional sanctions, or we can come up with something that seems to enjoy bipartisan support, I`d be open to it,” McConnell said when asked if he`d support additional sanctions on Russia, The Hill reported.

Mr. McConnell added he`s ”willing to talk” to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker specifically with respect to sanctioning Russia for continuing to support the Syrian president.

”I think it`s certainly good that the administration`s not lifted any of the existing sanctions,” McConnell told reporters. ”The Russians are not our friends. I think they`ve demonstrated that over and over and over again.”

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