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Netherlands succeeds in agreeing 3 out of 4 requirements on EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

As of today, three of the four issues have been agreed, in respect of which the Netherlands wishes the legally binding declaration to be adopted, to allow for the ratification of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, an UNIAN correspondent in Brussels reported, citing her diplomatic sources.

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The discussions over the remaining issue on ensuring that the Association Agreement is not a step toward Ukraine`s membership in the EU will take place later on Monday, the sources say.

”The Netherlands have already reached agreements on three of the four conditions that they want to achieve and that clearly state that the Association Agreement does not provide for any military assistance to Kyiv, that this deal will not cost the EU extra money, and that Member States have the right to limit the number of Ukrainians who are allowed to work and live in the EU. The question as to whether that agreement is not a step toward [Ukraine`s] membership will be discussed tonight,” the diplomat told UNIAN.

The source noted that it was not about changing the text, but rather about ”a clear explanation of the specific provisions of the Agreement.”

According to the diplomat, ”there is great political will” to reach these agreements.

”[Dutch Prime Minister Mark] Rutte hopes on Thursday [when the EU summit is scheduled] to reach final agreements on a legally binding declaration,” said the source.

Earlier, Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte offers that the EU leaders at the summit state that the Deal with Ukraine must not contain additional security of financial obligations to Kyiv on the part of Brussels. The Netherlands require that the EU leaders recognize that the association between the EU and Ukraine will not grant the Ukrainians the right to live and work in the territory of the EU Member States.

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  1. It’s an absolute farce. Democracy is a thing of the past with this political monstrosity that calls itself EU.
    The Dutch people have spoken against this agreement and their prime minister was pressured until he couldn’t do anything else but ractificate. He should be fired for not doing his democratic duty: represent the people in his country.

    All in all I think its a good thing for the Ukraine, but a bad thing for Europe. I mean we have enough problems as is and a country in financial need like the Ukraine is the last we can use, remember Greece? Eventhough they say Ukraine will not join the EU we all know that eventually they will.

    The EU once again has shown us to be completely disfunctional.

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    • “He should be fired for not doing his democratic duty: represent the people in his country.

      He should not only represent but also defend the interest of his people. That, he did not do. He should now bear the consequences.

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    • It was a non binding referendum but never the less the PM said: we are going to respect the outcome. If he would have said wel will see what we can do, I could have respected that. But instead he said: “It is only a trade agreement” followed by: ” the agreement will be valid even when NL does not ratify, then changed it to:” It is a very important agreement for NL, to finish it off with if NL don’t ratify the Russians will come and WW3 is inevitable. It is the lying and the deception that concernes me the most

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  2. This is ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE. There is no agreement on anything, the dutch people do NOT want this agreement, and it has not passed parliament nor our “house of lords”.
    And I can promise you : it will not.

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  3. Ridiculous! The EU functions as our national politicians do: NOT. Please Poland, reject the propositions, since our own PM ignores his people.

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  4. That Rutte is cheating on his own people is clear, but 3 out of 4 requirements? Can it be a bit more specific?

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    • There isn’t anything decided yet.

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  5. Aren’t Dutch elections next year? I wonder how many seats this cost his political party. The Ukrainian political elite is corrupt through and through. They are the ones who will benefited from the billions of euros that have been and will be pumped into the Ukraine, not the populace. Also, expect many more billions to be spend on Chernobyl.

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