Netherlands studying possibility of sending military-police mission to Ukraine, media reports say

The Dutch government is studying the possibility of sending a military-police mission to Ukraine, which would provide investigation into the Boeing 777 crash site. It is about the hundreds of military and forensic experts.
The Dutch newspaper Volkskrant wrote this citing own sources.
“There is a strong likelihood that such a mission will be set up in the near future,” the source in The Hague told the publication.
At the same time, another source called it rather “Plan B”, saying that such a mission will be set up when there is a clear threat to the work of experts at the scene.
The newspaper notes that the main dilemma for the Dutch government now is the need to investigate and at the same time protect the investigators themselves.
“Last night after the funeral ceremony in Eindhoven at an emergency meeting the government discussed the plan at the residence of the Prime Minister,” the newspaper said.
As reported, on Tuesday, the press office of the President of Ukraine said that in a phone call with Petro Poroshenko Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte announced plans together with Australia and other countries whose citizens flew in the MN17 flight to propose to send a civilian police mission to Ukraine under the auspices of the UN in order to secure the crash site to carry out an independent international investigation into the causes of the crash.

24.07.2014 16:42

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