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NATO urges Ukraine to step up control over use of public funds in defense sector

The Director of the NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine Alexander Vinnikov states the importance of enhanced accountability and transparency in the issue of use of budgetary funds in the defense sector in Ukraine, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

Speaking at a press conference dedicated to the beginning of the second anti-corruption work week with participation of the Ministry of Defense, he said that the Strategic Defense Bulletin was the main ”road map” for the implementation of reforms in the defense sector, containing one of the five major strategic objectives, which is to strengthen the management system in the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces.

It is important to strengthen the accountability and transparency of the entire defense budget, not only in terms of procurement, according to Vinnik. This can be achieved through closer cooperation with the Verkhovna Rada, he believes. He went on to say that such cooperation was now being discussed. Development of the new draft legislation on national security and defense provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen this supervisory process in Ukraine, according to Vinnikov.

Earlier, on June 6, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko enacted the Ukrainian Strategic Defense Bulletin.

The Strategic Defense Bulletin of Ukraine is a document of defense planning elaborated following the defense review aimed at ensuring the main directions of the implementation of Ukraine`s military policy and the development of defense forces until 2020, the presidential administration said.

The Bulletin is aimed at practical implementation of the Military Doctrine of Ukraine and the Concept of Development of Security and Defense Sector of Ukraine. It defines strategic and operative goals of the defense reform and expected results of their achievement with due regard to urgent military and political threats and challenges. The document provides for the active participation in the implementation of the Common Security and Defense Policy of the European Union and active cooperation with NATO in the achievement of criteria necessary for the full membership in NATO.

The Strategic Defense Bulletin is a road map of the defense reform based on NATO principles.

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