NATO special forces and CIA special agents are involved in Ukraine

There is a whole network of special forces and spies from NATO countries in Ukraine in cooperation with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), who is also in the country. They conduct counterintelligence, and counterterrorism activities and provide the Ukrainian authorities with the most important classified information.

Source: High-ranking US and European officials

Dozens of special forces from NATO countries, including Great Britain, France, Canada and Lithuania, work on the territory of Ukraine.

According to American and other Western officials, the special forces stationed on Ukrainian territory are not on the front line with Ukrainian troops, but operate from headquarters in other parts of the country or remotely from encrypted communications.

Three American officials say that this network of special agents coordinates routes for the transportation of Western armaments from Ukraine’s borders to military units, as well as training and briefing for Ukrainian troops.

These teams also coordinate with NATO headquarters in Europe, including Germany, Poland and France. Officials said, for example, that the coordination center at the Rammstein military base in Germany was responsible for escorting and assisting the Ukrainian air force.

Also, these groups help to find out information about the location of weapons depots in the rear of the enemy troops of the Russian Federation, so that Ukrainians can make accurate strikes on them. In particular, it is about guidance for MLRS HIMARS, which have already arrived at the front.

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