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Natalie Jaresko: Government is a team of professionals and technocrats

Newly appointed Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko believes that the new Cabinet of Ministers is a team of professionals and technocrats.
She said this at a briefing in the Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday after the formation of a new government.
“The team is to change the country, improve transparency and eliminate corruption. The team is ready to cope with the challenges facing Ukraine. This is a government of professionals and technocrats, and we intend to work,” Jaresko said.
She added that she had lived in Ukraine for 22 years and that until now she had led a large company managing three investment funds.
“I am honored today to be appointed minister of finance. My experience and my understanding of the situation give me the opportunity, desire and inspiration to work for the benefit of Ukraine,” Jaresko said, adding that she is grateful for the opportunity to serve the people of Ukraine.

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