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Nadia Savchenko goes on hunger strike

Ukrainian pilot and MP Nadia Savchenko, who is illegally held in Moscow’s prison, has gone on a hunger strike, her Russian lawyer, Mark Feygin, has said live on Hromadske TV.
He noted that Savchenko had made such a decision after her request to call an otolaryngologist had been rejected.
According to Feygin, the pilot cannot hear in one ear, and the other also started aching, so “the problem with her examination is very acute.”
“She may loss hearing and this may affect her fate and future career as a serviceperson. It is very important to her,” the lawyer said.
He also said that the defense team was preparing to submit an application to the Russian court regarding the closure of the case against Savchenko due to the absence of a crime in her actions, as there is evidence that at the time of the death of Russian journalists the pilot had already been detained in Luhansk. In particular, the pilot’s location at the time the crime was committed had been detected according to her mobile phone.

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