More than 1,000 civilians died in the Ukrainian city which was under Russian occupation

Deputy of the Izyum City Council reported on September 12, 2022, that 80% of the infrastructure of the city of Izyum in the Kharkiv region (east of Ukraine) was destroyed. This city was under Russian occupation from April 2, 2022, and was liberated from Russian troops on September 10.

Source: Deputy of the Izyum City Council Maksym Strelnikov

“As the mayor of Izyum Valeriy Marchenko noted, more than 80% of the city’s infrastructure has been destroyed. These include private and multi-apartment residential buildings, enterprises, state institutions, communal facilities, as well as industrial facilities. This is true. Unfortunately, the city is destroyed. The worst thing is that winter is ahead, and the centralized heating system is destroyed.”

About 10,000 residents remain in Izyum. The deputy hopes that the authorities will have time to “do everything so that winter is not unexpected for us.”

“According to the information we have, at least a thousand residents have died as a result of the hostilities, but many more have been injured because they were not given timely medical care. Because Russian troops destroyed all health care facilities in Izyum back in March. They did not function. Access to medicines was limited. Russian soldiers looted all pharmacies. Therefore, the issues of medication and hospitalization of residents who need urgent medical care are of primary importance.”

Izyum was badly damaged during the hostilities. There is no electricity, water or gas in the city.

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