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Month after U.S. elections ”most favorable” time for Moscow to destabilize Ukraine – Russian analyst

Because the United States will be distracted by its elections and their aftermath, Andrey Illarionov says, the next 30 days represent ”the best situation for destabilizing” Ukraine from Moscow`s point of view, according to a Russian political analyst Andrey Illarionov who spoke with 112 Ukraine TV Channel, Euromaidanpress reports.

Indeed, Vladimir Putin is likely to take a variety of challenging steps there and elsewhere during that period, the expert believes, according to Euromaidanpress.

Illarionov notes he has no inside information about this but he does believe that Moscow is going to exploit the lack of attention American leaders are likely to be paying to the rest of the world in the aftermath of the U.S. elections.

He points out that ”it has already been practically declared that on November 8 the attack on Aleppo will be renewed.” That is no accident because it will be an election day in the United States.

”What measures and methods could be applied to Ukraine is impossible to predict. But we are well aware of the entire arsenal of both conventional and hybrid means [at Russia`s disposal].”

Therefore, in the coming days, Illarionov says, ”nothing can be ruled out”.


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