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Montenegro seeks arrest of Russian spy over coup plot

Montenegro is to indict a top Russian spy it accuses of masterminding a failed plot to topple its pro-western government and stop the tiny Balkan nation from joining NATO, according to The Times.

Eduard Shishmakov, 46, a captain in the Russian navy who was exposed as an agent for GRU military intelligence, is accused of running a network of former military officers and paramilitaries from Montenegro and neighboring Serbia involved in preparing the alleged coup last October, The Times reports.

Milivoje Katnic, the Montenegrin prosecutor in charge of the case, said he had evidence ”Russian state authorities” were behind the plot. Shishmakov`s ”sole motive” was to ”prevent Montenegro from joining NATO”, he said.

Katnic thanked the UK. and U.S. intelligence agencies for their help with the investigation.


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