Military expert: In spring Putin to be torn between Donbas and Central Asia

Russian military invasion in Ukraine proves that Russian President Vladimir Putin has not given up his goals, and Russia cannot wait for spring to invade, director of military programs in the non-governmental think tank Razumkov Centre Mykola Sunhurovsky says on the air of the 5 Channel.
“Now we observe an intensification of hostilities aimed at expanding the zone of conflict, i.e. the territories under control. They mainly refer to the areas with transport routes to create the infrastructure for the maintenance of the forces positioned there. This proves only the fact that Putin has not given up his goals, he will pursue them and that will end very badly for both sides. I mean human victims,” he said.
“There are some forecasts that the large-scale invasion is to begin in spring … In my opinion, it will finish by spring. I think so because the attack of the Islamist forces in Central Asia is supposed to start in spring. Russian troops are needed there because Putin will be able to maintain his positions there only with the help of the military presence. In turn, China will try to consolidate its presence there through economic means. The military presence is the only thing Putin can set against. He virtually loses Central Asia,” Sunhurovsky notes.

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