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Military, border guards and law enforcement officers won’t be cleansed

Ukrainian MPs have adopted changes to the law on cleansing of authorities, which allow not to apply the procedure to the highest officership of the Interior Ministry, Security Service, Defense Ministry and the General Staff.
241 MPs voted for this decision, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.
The law stipulates that the interior minister, defense minister, head of the Security Service, head of the State Border Service and the heads of other military units have the right to file a reasoned petition to the President of Ukraine on non-application of prohibition to hold positions, with respect to which measures of cleansing are being taken, to the senior officers who hold (held) positions in the police, Security Service, the Defense Ministry, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the State Border Service and other military formations.
According to the law, if the President approves the corresponding application, such a person shall not fall within the prohibitions stipulated in the law of Ukraine on cleansing of authorities.

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