Militants threaten to blow up Stirol plant in Horlivka – media

After the leaders of terrorists operating in eastern Ukraine, Igor Girkin (Strelkov) and Igor Bezler (Bes) disappeared in an unknown direction, the “power” in Horlivka has been transferred to a warlord nicknamed “Botsman,” who threatens to blow up the local Stirol plant if the Ukrainian army continues the offensive.
This was stated by reservist Colonel General Volodymyr Ruban, according to the Hvylya online newspaper.
“Today the Ukrainian army launched an offensive in the area of Horlivka, firing on the positions of terrorists, including with Grad rocket launchers and guns. This created panic in the town, because the locals were not ready for such a situation. The most dangerous thing is that ‘Botsman’ threatens to blow up Horlivka’s Stirol and other hazardous facilities if the Ukrainian army does not stop shelling the positions of militants,” Ruban said.

28.07.2014 10:36

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