Militant attacks became more frequent yesterday – Lysenko

During the last day Russian-backed terrorists shelled Ukrainian military more frequently, including with the use of tanks and artillery.
Anti-terroristic operation spokesman Andriy Lysenko said this at a briefing on Monday, an Ukrinform correspondent reported.
“For the last day the number of armed provocations and shelling by militants increased in the area of the anti-terrorist operation. Besides small arms, terrorists use tanks and artillery against the positions of the anti-terrorist operation forces,” Lysenko said.
According to him, the Ukrainian military do not respond to the provocations, but in case of a direct threat to the life of soldiers, terrorists receive an adequate response. “Thus, Ukrainian military successfully defeated an attempt of the enemy’s attack near the settlement of Hranitne and Starohnativka of Donetsk region,” he said.
He noted that the situation remains most alarming in the area of Donetsk, Luhansk and Mariupol.

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