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MFA Ukraine exposes Russia`s violations of Budapest memorandum on 22nd anniversary of signing

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry published on Twitter a statement condemning Russian aggression against Ukraine despite commitments undertaken as a party to the Budapest memorandum of 1994.

”22 years ago Budapest Memorandum was signed. Russia showed utter contempt and disregard for it by occupying Crimea and invading Eastern Ukraine,” the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry tweeted.

In a tweet, MFA Ukraine reminds that despite committing to respect independence, sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine, ”Russia invaded Crimea and unleashed war in Donbas.”

Also, the ministry notes that Russia broke its pledge to refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine and to never use any of its weapons against Ukraine. In fact, ”over 7,000 Russian regular armed forces servicemen are occupying Donbas. Russia has formed two hybrid army corps in Donbas roughly consisting of more than 38,000 troops.”

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