Merkel ready to interrupt vacation for approval of sanctions against Russia

The German government supports the approval by the European Union of a sectoral package of sanctions against Russia. To do this, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is ready to interrupt her vacation, if necessary, to attend an extraordinary meeting of the European Council in Brussels.
Deputy spokesperson for the German government Christiane Wirtz said this on Monday, a Ukrinform correspondent reported.
“The German government supports a significant package of measures directed at specific sectors, as only it can be a strong and clear signal from the German government and the EU to Russia. The federal government plans to complete consultations on this issue in Brussels until tomorrow. If necessary, the federal chancellor will be ready to attend an extraordinary EU summit,” Wirtz said.
She said that there was “a completely new situation” after the crash of the Malaysian aircraft in eastern Ukraine. In addition, according to Wirtz, Russia is showing “little interest” to investigate the causes of the tragedy and is still not trying to influence the militants, and making no effort to stop the flow of weapons to eastern Ukraine.
She also said that the German government considered it possible to reach agreement with the EU on banning arms supplies to Russia, which will also apply to the existing contracts.
“In this regard, we are currently negotiating with our European colleagues,” she said, recalling that this spring Germany decided to abandon exports of military products to Russia.

28.07.2014 17:29

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