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Recent Mariupol quake has no impact on Zaproizhia nuclear power plant

An earthquake registered in the Ukrainian-controlled strategic port city of Mariupol in the southern part of Donetsk region at about 11:15 local time on August 7 has had no impact on nuclear reactors at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant (NPP), Ukrainian officials stated.

The epicenter of the 4.9 magnitude earthquake was located near Mariupol at a depth of 10km, the Ukrainian State Space Agency`s main special monitoring center reported.

The radiation levels at the Zaporizhia NPP have not changed and remain within the specified limits.

No violation at the reactors` generation sites have been registered and the physical protection systems are working in normal mode.

Three out of the NPP`s six power units whose aggregate capacity is 2.86 GW were in operation on August 8.

UNIAN memo. Zaporizhia NPP is the largest power generation facility in Ukraine and Europe. Its installed capacity is 6 GW. It operates six reactors whose capacity is 1 million MW each. The first reactor was commissioned in 1984, the second in 1985, the third in 1986, the fourth in 1987, the fifth in 1989 and the sixth in 1995.

In recent years, the plant accounts for over 50% of electricity output generated by Ukraine`s nuclear power plants. Its share in total electricity generation is over 23%.


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