Local budgets see 46.8% increase in revenue since year-start

Revenue of the general funds of Ukraine`s local budgets, excluding transfers, in January-April 2016 totaled UAH 41.7 billion, which was 46.8%, or UAH 13.3 billion, up on the same period last year (in comparable conditions), according to Ukraine`s Finance Ministry.
When making the estimates, the ministry excluded territories beyond the control of the Ukrainian authorities.
The amount of revenue received in the past four months accounted for 41.9% of the annual volumes according to the budgets approved by local councils, the ministry said.
As of May 1, the local budgets received UAH 61.4 billion in intergovernmental transfers, accounting for 95.9% of target volumes for this period.
As UNIAN reported earlier, the revenue of the local budgets` general funds in Q1, 2016, excluding transfers, amounted to UAH 30.1 billion, which was 46%, or UAH 9.5 billion, up year-over-year.
Last year, this indicator was estimated at UAH 99.8 billion.

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