Lithuanian Seimas recognized moving Ukrainians to Russia as deportation

The Lithuanian Seimas has recognized the moving of Ukrainians to Russia as the deportation of the Ukrainian people and has called on the international community to also recognize this and to prosecute those who organize or participate in the forced deportation of Ukrainians.

Source: The Lithuanian Seimas

This decision was adopted by the parliament on June 16 with 50 votes in favor, it was represented by 23 parliamentarians from various factions, including representatives of opposition parties – the Labor Party and the Social Democratic Party. Due to the conflict with the ruling majority, the opposition did not take part in the vote.

The Seimas recognized in its resolution that the large-scale armed aggression carried out by the Russian armed forces and political and military leadership, and the forced moving of the Ukrainian population to Russia or territories temporarily controlled by Russia is the deportation of the Ukrainian people.

The Seimas also called on other states to prosecute those who organize or are involved in the deportation of Ukrainians, participate in forced deportations, commit crimes against humanity, genocide and other war crimes.

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