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Lies is Putin`s trump card – Ukrainian President

Russian troops in Syria act the same way they do in Donbas, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told CNN.

The Head of State said that the shelling of a humanitarian convoy in Syria, the involvement in which Russia has been thoroughly denying, seemed like a ”deja vu”, reminded him of the shelling by Russian missiles of the residential areas in the eastern Ukrainian town of Kramatorsk, CNN reports.

”Russia is living in an absolutely parallel universe. Lies is a trump card for Putin. This type of  behavior makes it is absolutely impossible, or very difficult, to have negotiations,” Poroshenko said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the humanitarian convoy of the United Nations and the Syrian Red Crescent came under an airstrike in the Aleppo province. The warplanes destroyed 18 of 31 truckloads of medicines, wheat and winter clothing.

Deputy UN Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Stephen O`Brien said that if the ”callous attack” is proved to be a deliberate act, it may amount to a war crime.

Before that, the command of Assad`s army has stated that it withdraws from the Aleppo ceasefire agreement announced earlier, on September 12, following long Russian-American talks.


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