Leaders of France, Germany, Italy and Romania visited Ukraine for the first time since Russia’s war against Ukraine

President of France Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Prime Minister of Italy Mario Draghi, and President of Romania Klaus Iohannis have visited Irpin in the Kyiv region. This city was destroyed by Russian invaders.

Source: Leaders of France, Germany, Italy and Romania

They passed through the streets of the city, where 75% of buildings were destroyed by the Russian army.

After visiting Irpin, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis called for the prosecution of Russian criminals in accordance with international criminal justice.

“No words to describe the unimaginable human tragedy and horrible destructions we saw today in Irpin. I strongly renew my appeal for all Russian perpetrators to be held responsible by the international criminal justice, which Romania fully supports, “said the Romanian President.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi during his visit to Irpin assured that Ukraine would receive assistance in rebuilding the infrastructure destroyed by the Russians.

“It’s a place of destruction, but also hope. Much of what I’ve been told here has been about the future and reconstruction. The war has united people, now they can do what was impossible before the war. The world is on your side,” said Draghi.

“Like Bucha, Irpin has become a symbol for the unimaginable cruelty of the Russian war, senseless violence. The brutal destruction in this city is a memorial – this war must end,” stressed the German Chancellor.

The French President said that France would continue to support Ukraine in the long run and all forms so that it can “resist and defeat” the Russian offensive.

“Today it is necessary for Ukraine to be able to resist and win. We are definitely on the side of Ukrainian men and women,” he added.

Macron called Irpin a “hero city” where the offensive of the Russian army was stopped.

“We have all seen these places of a ruined city, which is also a hero-city, because it was here, among other places, where Ukrainians stopped the Russian army advancing on Kyiv,” added the French leader.

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