Lavrov urges OSCE to monitor the border with militants

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov says that the OSCE monitoring mission will be able to work on the problem areas of the Ukrainian-Russian border only if it agrees this issue on with the pro-Russian militants.
He has said this on Wednesday during his annual press conference in Moscow, an Ukrinform correspondent reports from Russia.
“The OSCE works on two checkpoints [on the Ukrainian-Russian border]. The Ukrainian customs officers and border guards also work there. They have the opportunity to see what happens at these checkpoints and to inspect humanitarian goods coming from Russia to the DPR and the LPR. The question of monitoring by the OSCE of other areas of the Russian-Ukrainian border can be resolved. If the OSCE is interested in this, it will have to talk to those, who currently control the corresponding checkpoints on the Ukrainian side,” Lavrov says.
According to the Russian foreign minister, the issue of control over Ukrainian-Russian border in extent can be considered only after a final political settlement of situation in Donbas is reached.

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