Latvia calls for supply of weapons to Ukraine for “as long as it takes”, – Latvian Foreign Minister

Western countries must supply weapons to Ukraine until the complete victory of Ukraine. Because the Russian-Ukrainian war could last for months or even years.

Source: Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs

“The West must put itself on a war footing to keep Ukraine supplied with modern weapons for as long as it takes to defeat Russia.”

He said that eastern European countries had now largely run out of the Soviet-era tanks and weapons that have previously been sent to Kyiv. Western Europe now needed to step up production and supply arms at least as good as those used by Vladimir Putin’s army.

All of Europe and NATO also needed to boost their defences and modernize armies to deter Russia from escalating the conflict, he added.

“I think that we are coming to some kind of realization that our military industries need to step up their production. Unfortunately, like it or not, because of Russia, we are back in a situation where the military defence is a priority for Europe and NATO.”

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