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Klimkin denied that Bulgarians in Ukraine were being forced into fighting with pro-Russian terrorists

On February 16, 2015, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin visited Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov. Ukrainian and Bulgarian Foreign Ministers talked about the conflict situation  in Donbas and about fake information from the Russian-language media that ethnic Bulgarians in Ukraine were forced by government into fighting with terrorists in Eastern Ukraine:

“I would like to assure you, here, in the presence of Bulgarian mass media, that we are in no way going to step back form Ukrainian law. There could be no talk of any lack of proportionality. Having in the Ukraine more than 200 000 Ukrainian citizens of Bulgarian origin, during the latest wave of recruitment summons have been sent to only 20 Ukrainians of Bulgarian origin,” Pavlo Klimkin said for journalists.

Ministers also talked about the violating the cease-fire by the pro-Russian side and Pavlo Klimkin assured that the Ukraine is strictly observing the Minsk Agreements.

“I reconfirmed our position in support of the sovereignty, independence and territorial entity of the Ukraine, as well as for the peaceful solving of the conflict in Easter Ukraine. Today we also looked to the future of the relations EU-Ukraine. I have reiterated our support for the European and Euro-Atlantic perspectives of the Ukraine”, Daniel Mito said.

It was also planned that Klimkin will meet Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Speaker of Parliament Tsetska Tsacheva. During the meeting parties agreed that Ukraine would help Bulgaria to provide humanitarian aid to ethnic Bulgarians.

Actually as it is well known for today Ukraine is the only among democratic countries in the world where the mass mobilization is possible without the official declaration of war.

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