Journalist: 30th brigade breaks through from encirclement under Grad shelling, air bombs

Military of the 30th Detached Mechanized Brigade from Novohrad-Volynsky broke through from encirclement in the area of Lutuhine (Luhansk region). Five people killed, 14 – wounded.
Journalist Roman Bochkala wrote on his Facebook page.
“The 30th Brigade broke through from the encirclement in Lutuhine. It was hell. First Grad rocket launchers shelled the soldiers, which burnt all that was around. When moving, they were bombarded by aircraft – cluster bombs. Yes, yes – Russian planes are flying in the area of ??Luhansk already as at home. Then they ran into the Russian T-90. They were accompanied, of course, also by Russian helicopters Mi-24. And they got from them too… When they went on, as it seemed, a safe distance, they got Smerch. Our losses – 5 killed and 14 wounded,” the journalist writes.
According to him, even those, who are not injured, need psychological rehabilitation.
“Most mobilized refuses to fight on. The second battalion, which got into this hell, needs rotation,” Bochkala writes.

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